SIP solution: what is it and how can it benefit my business?

SIP, or Session Initiation Protocol, is a protocol used to deliver voice and unified communications to customers in a Unified Communications solution between two or more endpoints on an IP network.

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Giving access to phone lines over the Internet removes the need for traditional analogue phone lines. SIP technology allows you to deliver multi-media communications such as voice, video and other streaming media applications to customers, aiding your business’s efforts to communicate flexibly.

SIP solutions provide multiple benefits for your business, which makes it no surprise that – as reported by IHS Markit – the SIP market is continually growing, and quickly replacing ISDN. With SIP solutions, your business can benefit from a number of features.

Below, we examine the benefits that your business can gain by modernising its communications and switching to SIP solutions.

Cost savings

When your firm switches to SIP trunking, costs can be significantly reduced in multiple ways. With SIP trunks, you can operate and maintain both data and telephone voice networks with one IP-based network, providing multiple digital streaming capabilities.

Due to the elimination of local IP-PTSN gateways, costs are reduced as SIP trunks connect to the chosen ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider), removing subscription fees. As lines don’t have to be paid for in blocks as with ISDN, you only pay for the lines you use, which allows for efficiency savings.

SIP trunks also offer lower call costs compared to ISDN, free internal calls between extensions and offices and lower line rental costs for businesses based on multiple sites. Even international calls are reduced, as SIP calls reduce all calls to a local rate.

Number flexibility

SIP offers number flexibility, allowing your business to use the same number across several sites. Not only does this make it easier for clients to contact you, but this number can also be retained in the event of site relocations – without call forwarding costs.

This gives you peace of mind by maintaining business continuity, while also reducing the need to spend money on updating any materials that display your firm’s number.

Scalability and adaptation to your needs

SIP trunks are a cost-effective system that allows for scalability, depending on your requirements. The flexibility of SIP trunking allows your business to add lines or modify the service in a fast and simple way, enabling your business to easily accommodate growth and expansion.

SIP also means your business can easily adapt to seasonal requirements, giving you more control. During busier periods of the year, more lines can swiftly be added, and then reduced during quieter periods. It is also possible to split calls to make handling more efficient.

Manage inbound calls

A SIP solution could help you control your inbound calls. Sophisticated SIP solutions can offer intelligent call routing, redirection, queuing and other call management tools that improve efficiency in addition to customer service. With inbound call management systems integrated into SIP solutions, you can ensure business continuity, as calls can be diverted – meaning you never miss a call – or distributed to manage call loads and maximise call handling.

Inbound call management systems also allow calls to be queued and provide statistics that can be used to analyse call patterns and behaviours, productivity and a whole host of handling efficiencies.

Gamma, for instance, offers SIP trunk solutions that can be combined with its inbound service, which allows you to reroute your inbound calls to any destination, providing absolute resilience.


SIP solutions also provide reliability in the unlikely event of a disaster. Should you need to relocate or divert calls due to an emergency, SIP trunks let you do just that, with no call forwarding costs. You can therefore be assured that SIP solutions will enable you to cope with any situation.

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