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30 May 2016

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Aim Report

Bid news and fundraisings have continued to dominate activity on Aim, keeping the junior market's renewed optimism going strong. The international flavour of some of the bigger deals has remained, with New York-based Keryx Biopharameucticals successfully securing $15 million (8.3 million) among a bounteous crop.

Aim Report

During the early stages of a bull market companies that are squeezed higher tend to be smaller speculative concerns with illiquid stock. This has certainly happened on Aim recently.

Sheeran shines on Romanian trials

Brian Sheeran, chairman of green technology company Virotec, delivered some good news to investors today with exciting news of trials in Romania of its Bauxsol waste water cleaning technology.

UCM looks East

Expansion into China and a restructuring of US operations form the core of speciality fused materials supplier UCM's reaction to recession, after a 100,000 first half profits slip to 2.4 million pre-tax on turnover 300,000 ahead at 17.8 million, writes Robert Tyerman.

A cheerful message from the chartists

Many chartists claim to have called the bottom of the market and are now forecasting strong gains ahead. But can investors really make money from their pronouncements, or is it just hindsight masquerading as insight? Robert Tyerman reports

Zotefoams doubles to £2 million at interim

Chemicals venture Zotefoams pleased the market today with doubled first half profits of £2.1 million.

Greenchip goes for Programmable

Greenchip Investments, the self-styled 'technology accelerator' which moved up from Ofex to Aim eight months ago, is to be reversed into by an American plastics business. William Davidson reports.

The New Wave Technology Companies

Despite the enduring bear market, we are still excited by the potential rewards that ensue when tiny technology stocks make it big. Ben Cobley surveys the current tech crop that are fuelling investors' fascination and greed

AIM Report

While companies in the blue chip FTSE 100 index have recovered ground over the past month, buoyed by a seemingly good start to the war with Iraq, smaller companies have not enjoyed such gains.


London's Small Cap index has now dropped to 1728.95 against 2486.35 a year ago as a barometer the FTSE 100 has fallen from 5153.9 to 3616.1 over the same period. However, many analysts suggest the smaller shares market has been oversold, with many recruitment ventures, in particular, looking badly undervalued. Generally speaking, these outfits are regarded as bellwethers for the first stirrings of economic recovery.

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There are upwards of 30 investment companies littered across the small cap market and Aim that are screaming out for investor attention.

Porvair dreams of a 'fuel cell' future

Materials science group Porvair says it will use the profits from its core operations to pay for research and development spend at its innovative fuel cell technology division. James Crux reports.

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